1. Who are we?
    We are alumni, family members and friends of School of Life Science, Peking University. Anyone who has studied, worked or interested in our school is welcome to join us.
  2. What is the conference for?
    It is a platform for networking: to share past experience, to celebrate current achievement and to explore future opportunities.
  3. Who are the organizers?
    The organizers are a group of alumni who have studied in the department from 1996 to 2000.
  4. Why should I be interested?
    Past conferences had successfully attracted participants at different levels of seniority from various biomedical or related fields. It’s an opportunity for you to network, both for your personal career and your companies or academic institutions.
  5. How can I attend?
    You can attend the conference as (1) a regular attendee (link to registration) ; (2) a sponsor (link to sponsorship email); (3) a volunteer (link to registration, please check “Volunteer”)
  6. What can I do to help out?
    You can help us by sponsoring our conference or working as a volunteer.
  7. Is there any lodging arrangement?
    We don’t provide lodging arrangement. You can choose to stay in hotels or spend time with local friends. If we have volunteers willing to host guests, we will make that information available to you.

    You can discuss housing in our facebook page.

For futher questions, please email us