1. Is Peaya Cite available for Mac?
    Not this time. It will be available in the future.
  2. What is CSL?
    CSL stands for "Citation Style Language". If you open an CSL file with your favorite text editor, you will find it's simply a plain-text file which defines how to format citations (e.g. using number in the text or author-year?).
  3. I am using other programs to manage my papers. Can I use Peaya Cite to cite my papers?
    Yes. You may use Peaya Paper to convert your library to a format recognized by Peaya Cite first.
  4. Is Peaya Cite free?
    Yes for personal use.
  5. How can I re-trigger the reference-hinting list?
    If for some reason you cancel the list, and want to re-trigger it, you simply type a semicolon ; (assuming you are within {{}}).