Peaya Paper

Peaya Paper is a paper and PDF manager for professors, students, postdocs, researchers, staff and doctors. Together with Peaya Paper Web it allows you to access your papers/PDFs virtually anywhere on any computer (even when offline). It also allows you to share your papers with friends, students, colleagues and collaborators.

Peaya Paper is a new-generation program. It
         1. allows you to access your papers (and notes, figures) virtually anywhere (Lab/Home/Airport/PC/Mac/Linux/Web Browser/Online/Offline) - you don't need to carry your data around or worry about losing them (e.g. due to computer corruption);
         2. allows you to share your papers and discuss them with anyone - your colleagues, friends, students or ad-hoc collaborators;
         3. presents papers in a more intuitive way - it extracts figures (the most important information in papers) from PDF and you don't need to open PDF to view them; it also presents PDF thumbnails so you can grab the information you want quickly.
      On top of these 3 main features, it also has some nice features such as finding PDF links automatically (try searching "fmri plos biol" in PubMed), PubMed/Google Scholar integration, searching and importing from PubMed, Google Scholar, Web of Science, Scopus and IEEE Xplore, tracking papers, viewing author connections, taking note, finding out who reading your papers etc.