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Standard deviation or error?


Peaya Paper

Peaya Paper is a paper/PDF manager. It makes it very easy to search, manage, share and discuss papers.
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  • Never, never need to worry about losing your papers
  • Access your papers anywhere (Lab/Home/Airport/PC/Mac/Linux)
  • Search PubMed, Google Scholar, Web of Science etc
  • Automatically find PDF links (?)
  • Share/discuss with friends, collaborators, and students

Peaya Cite: Cite Seamlessly

Peaya Cite (Microsoft Word addin) offers a completely new way to cite references when you write manuscripts.
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  • Real-time context-dependent reference hinting (patent pending)
  • Format to hundreds of journals
  • No switch between Word and Peaya Paper
  • No switch between keyboard and mouse
  • Your writing rhythm never breaks
  • Easy collaboration in writing
  • No need to send separate citation files to coauthors